Why do I need a head start?

Why do I need health coaching during the holidays and right before the new year?

I mean normal people start their resolutions on New Year's so they can start fresh on a new calendar.

Well I hate to break it to you, but if you got here, you are not MOST people.  You are one of us, and WE are not normal.  We are far from normal. We are women who manage kids, jobs, households, side jobs, social lives, sports lives, friends, dinners, teaching, adventuring, and playing the good cop and the bad cop at the same exact time!


June Cleaver GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN.  We don’t “act like ladies”.  We don’t aim for skinny and we don’t aim for curvy, we aim for “Yea, well my mom can kick your mom’s . . . “ We don’t do short skirts and high heels, we wear the pants . . . .when we want to.  We don’t follow the average path . . . That’s far too boring.  We are not your average mom, we are beyond essential (AF) heads of household.  


Also . . . . Who in their right mind is leaving 2021 up to chance!  We aren’t going in thinking THIS IS MY YEAR.  We already made that mistake in January of 2020, and we learn from our mistakes. 

So we START NOW.  We bring the change to 2021.  By January 1st we will be 77 days into our Winter Bodies!  And winter bodies are all the rage.

What is the

77 Day Head Start?

7 modules

7 Modules leading the path to a much healthier and happier 2021!

These modules cover the different aspects of food and nutrition avoiding diets and focusing on awareness.  They cover the importance of Energy in all forms, the habits necessary for consistent and maintained change, and the biggest change we need to make for our mental health going in to the new year.



We will have a specific workout that will be done one day each week.

This workout will go from a starters level to an intermediate level throughout the 10 weeks. 

This will be a great way to measure your progress in a way that does not involved a scale, sizing, or measurements

one exercise assignment each week

There will be one exercise assignment each week.  This could be anything from a specific workout routine, to a hike, or 20 minutes of self lead stretching.

By assigning one exercise each week, along with our progressive workout routine, you will have space for one or multiple other exercises that you already enjoy while also maintaining a balance with the rest of your responsibilities.

Questions at anytime

Coach Meg will be available to answer your burning health questions, fitness "how to's", or just every day curiosities that pop up during the program.


Having access to a health coach when you are trying to make a grocery list, find a resolution for everyone in the family refusing to eat the same dinner, or just trying to find a workout program that fits your life that you can actually complete this time, is a priceless resource

Let's Do This!

  • 7 Modules valued at over $500 total

  • 10 Group Progressive Workouts valued at over $120 total

  • Access to a health coach over the holiday season PRICELESS - but seriously valued over $250

  • Plus the accountability, support, and comradery of a group going through the same process as you - AMAZING! 

Overall program valued at over $870

Regular Price: $495

Your price: $295.00

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