Cowboy and Wild Horses


It's time to Cowboy Up

Your journey toward that 8 second ride begins today. Whether you’re looking for barrels, bronco, or the bull himself, this training will get you far ahead of your competition.  Train your body physically and mentally, and strengthen those hips for the weight of the your new belt buckle.


It's All About the Ride

When your success in measured in seconds, EVERY SECOND COUNTS. 
This program is designed specifically for injury prevention, balance, flexibility, strength, and mindset with relation to every second spent in the arena.  Over a period of 8 weeks you will move through different exercises in both strength and flexibility to better your ability to succeed in your ride.  
Whether you are barrel racing and hoping for fewer seconds on the clock or bull riding and hoping for more, this program is designed specifically for the movement, flexibility, and functionality needed to ride.


It's all about the ride

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When your sport requires you to sit on top of an animal 10x your size while that animal charges full speed around barrels, bucks front to back with a main goal of getting you off it's back, or you are jumping off that animal at full speed to wrestle a slightly smaller version, injury prevention should always be at the top of your list.  
When caution and safety don't really follow the laws of the game, injury prevention is all in how you prepare and care for your body.  Increasing things like flexibility, reflexes, core strength, and controlling your mindset for a calm, focused and responsive state can make the different between taking a bull by the horns, and take the horns in the back.


Balance is essential when you are trying to stay put on something that is moving, especially when that something is moving at 30 plus MPH speeds, or bucking like crazy.  
This program will focus on pure balance skills, balance against external forces, and mental balance.  These things all come with practice, patience, and keeping the muscles in the body as loose as possible.
Loose muscles don't mean lazy muscles though.  The strength of the core determines the length of the ride by far.  Strengthening specifically your core and a few other important muscles to help hold yourself in place will be a key factor throughout this program.

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"You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." - Zig Ziglar
Mindset is everything.  Only those with a very specific type of energy enter a sport that involves working with an animal this size.  Your energy, focus, patience, assertiveness, and focus must be aligned in order to expect the win from a place where your ego doesn't exist.  Creating that mindset takes work.  The work starts here.

The golden buckle only comes to those who put in the work.  Riding isn't a skill that you are given, it's a feeling and an energy that you can't live without, so you work for it.  You prepare your body to resist injury and fight illness.  You create a balance in your mind and in your body that makes you impossible to move, and you build a mindset that prepares you for the win every time.


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