Is your body ready for room and board

Prenatal Yoga Practice

One big reason that many women (and couples) start with health coaching sessions is because they are ready to expand their family.  

Have you ever heard someone say that as soon as they stopped thinking about it, they got pregnant?  Have you also wondered how in the hell you are supposed to stop thinking about it?

Have you heard of people who started a new workout program and not long after found out they were expecting?

How about people who struggle for so long they decide to adopt, or utilize IVF and miraculously find themselves getting pregnant naturally?

For the most part this is happening because there is a significant stress factor removed in each case.  Stress is one of the biggest baby making blockers. 

Want to know the actual #1 baby making blocker?  SUGAR!  Yup, sugar!  Want to know what almost EVERY single packaged food you pick up has in it . . .  yup, SUGAR!  

What does this all mean?  

It means a health coach is a great addition in your journey to grow your family. 

Why do I give this specific situation special attention? 

Two reasons

1. I was one of those people who struggled to have baby #2 because of stress and nutrition.  Insert a new exercise program and in less than a month, BAM, baby #2!

2. I noticed that this was happening A LOT with my clients.  Some told me they were trying, some didn't.  Some worked with me for a couple months before learning there was a bun in the oven, and some worked with me for a couple weeks, simply starting daily exercise and making small nutritional changes. 

Either way, I found myself hearing the words, "I'm Pregnant!", over and over. 

Sadly, because most people were early in their stages of change, the education wasn't ingrained and therefore most of them got nervous and stopped exercising, and lost track of their nutritional changes once they were pregnant.  

FYI - Don't stop cooking once the bun is in the oven!

It's time to get your body ready to accept a new tenant.  When we are so excited about starting or expanding our families, we often don't think about what our bodies need in order to prepare for creating, growing, and housing another human being for roughly 280 days!


Try this quick and easy online tool to help you get started!



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