"We are who we choose to be"

Green Goblin (Spiderman)

“Practice like you've never won.  Perform like you've never lost ”

Bernard F. Asuncion

"Do the best you can until you know better.  Then, when you know better, do better."

Maya Angelou

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Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Obsessed with horses since Kindergarten

My name is Meg.  I am a certified Health Coach, as well as a certified Personal Trainer, and a certified Group Fitness Instructor.  My degree is in Health and Human Performance with a focus on exercise science and I have been in the Wellness industry since 2007.  

When I found exercise science as an option for higher education I was hooked immediately.  I trained and taught my way through college.  I realized after having kids that I needed to lead the way.  I decided to take my dream of helping others get in shape, to the next level. I started a business, named for my kids, and then continued my education.  After increasing my knowledge of nutrition, food, stress, the immune system, chronic disease, and then more nutrition, I finally found the pieces I knew were missing when my only focus was exercise.  

I believe that healthy is an option for everyone as long as they want it and they are willing to ask for help.  Healthy doesn't mean your a fitness model, rocking a bikini body, or wearing a size 2 dress.  Healthy is feeling comfortable in your skin, and your life.  Healthy is feeling balanced, connected, and joyful.  Healthy can be simple if we let it.