Someone tell the scale I have been working out!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

“I’m fat and I exercise!”

Can you relate to that statement?

How about this . . .

I workout

I go to spin class

I do yoga

I run


Let me ask you this, have you tried . . . Dieting?

NOOOOOOOOOO, not the D word!

Does that word make you cringe? Does it make you a little angry? Frustrated? Sad?

Diet is a word that people use when they are thinking about weight loss. Diet is an ugly word. Going on a “diet” in that sense of the word is not something I will ever recommend as a health coach.

Diet indicates restriction, and restriction doesn’t last!

Getting healthy can definitely mean losing weight, but losing weight does not always mean you are being healthy.

Let’s face the elephant in the room though . . . .

You CANNOT out run or out work eating shitty food.

This is where most people say “But I LOVE food!!”

Hey, me too! And if we love food, let’s not restrict it. Instead let’s ADD!

Yes, ADD!

Why take away foods, when we can add food. Let’s not cut carbs, or vow to never eat cake again.

Be real, there is bread EVERYWHERE, and someone is having a birthday again next month!

So instead of pulling foods out, restricting what we eat, cutting calories . . . Let’s add some things in and see what happens.

Let’s add nutrients that our bodies need. Let’s add benefits to our health.

Let’s add one preplanned meal a day to start our day.

I know what your are thinking . . . I eat too much already, that’s what got me into this body. But let’s just take a look at what’s actually happening for a second.

When we eat foods that are high in sugar, we actually spike our blood sugar levels. Duh right?

Now, when our blood sugar levels spike we produce more insulin which is a fat storage hormone.

When we have too much sugar and insulin in our blood our body senses something is wrong and goes into emergency mode where our digestive system shuts down, oil seeps to our skin, and we become inflamed.

What I really just said is:

You store MORE fat.

You create ACNE.

And your body HURTS.

On top of all of this, when we spike out blood sugar, it will inevitably CRASH within a couple hours. When it crashes, we automatically crave sugar and carbs that our body turns into sugar. This happens because our brains know that those two things will give us immediate energy, and our brain is being tricked into thinking we are in an emergency deficit.

Unfortunately, when we eat more sugar & carbs, the cycle starts all over.


If instead we plan and pay attention to what we eat, even if it’s just the first meal of the day, we could change all that.

What if instead we started the day with clean protein, healthy fat, fiber, and greens, our blood sugar S L O W L Y rises and S L O W L Y falls meaning you burn more calories between meals, you feel fulfilled without starving, you stop sugar cravings which stop unnecessary inflammation, AND you increase your energy levels throughout the day!

So back to our earlier discussion . . .

Why not ADD a starter meal to your day. That can be whenever you break your overnight fast. For some that means breakfast and for others that means lunch . . . And for some that might even meal breakfast dinner. No matter what that is for you, just focus on getting little to NO sugar, a clean protein, a healthy fat, good fiber, and some greens.

So how do you do this, right? Most of you are thinking, that sounds like a lot of work for breakfast!

Well . . . If you have time to spend on breakfast, then GREAT! You can make yourself an Omlet!

2-3 Certified Humane Raised eggs (why so specific? That’s a talk for another day. Just trust me for now)

Choose 2 or more veggies of choice - I like to always add chopped up spinach (that covers my greens too), and bell peppers or tomatoes, sometimes broccoli, and some people really like to add mushrooms.

Add Avocado either in it or on it, and/or cook it in a small amount of Avocado oil.


Make 2-3 eggs cooked however you like them.

Add whole wheat toast with avocado and tomatoes OR almond butter toast with bananas

If you don’t have time, then you LITERALLY shake things up.

You start your day with a breakfast shake, but not just fruit, OJ, and yogurt! That would only send you on the blood sugar spiking roller coaster!

To shake it up right, you need a base.

Your base can be filtered water or nut milk (which would be a good fat).

You need protein in the form of a pure, clean powder.
Two questions I want to answer right away that I get often:
1) No, you aren’t going to start buffing up just from drinking protein powder.
2) Yes, you can drink protein powder even if you are not currently working out.
On the note of protein powder, it can be difficult to find in a CLEAN and PURE form! Many powders are full of chemical and sugars. PLEASE READ THE INGREDIENTS!!
My very best recommendation for you is a company created by a woman whose entire mission is to create transparency in food ingredients, and remove unnecessary chemicals and sugars from food. This is a women who investigates why certain chemicals are allowed in the USA but not in Europe, and what these unnecessary chemicals are doing to our bodies. She also wrote a book called Feeding You Lies that is a game changer when it comes to processed foods. She created the company Truvani because she couldn't find supplements and protein powder that she was willing to put in her own body. Truvani protein powder is my go to for myself and what I recommend to others as it is pure, clean, and affordable! Please feel free to check it out for yourself here: Truvani

Add a fiber source: Chica Seeds or Flax Seed are both great options.

My personal choice is Milled Flax Seed as it doesn’t get stuck in my teeth as easily

Now add fat. Yup, I said FAT . . . Healthy fat that is

Some options for this are MCT oil, nut butter, avocado, or Coconut oil

My personal favorite is Almond Butter - But make sure you check your ingredients!! (Side note: Target has good value and quality)

Last of all we add Greens! Kale, Spinach, Arugula - I'm a big fan of spinach OR mixed greens

And of course, feel free to spice it up with some fruit, spices, or extract (PURE extract, NOT imitation)

Holy Crap Woman! That was a lot of information!

Would a couple of my favorite recipes be more helpful??

Here they are:

Banana Bread

Base: 1.5-2 Cups Nut milk

Protein: 1 scoop Truvani Vanilla Protein Powder

Fat: 1-1.5 TBLS Almond Butter

Fiber: 1-1.5 TBLS Milled Flax Seed

Greens: 1-2 Cups Spinach

Extra: 1 Frozen Banana

Add 1 cups of Ice for a thicker shake


Chunky Monkey

Base: 1.5-2 Cups Nut milk

Protein: 1 scoop Chocolate Truvani Protein Powder

Fat: 1-1.5 TBLS Almond Butter

Fiber: 1-1.5 TBLS Milled Flax Seed

Greens: 1-2 Cups Spinach

Extra: 1/2 Frozen (or ripe) banana

Add 1 cups of Ice for a thicker shake


Mocha (or Peppermint Mocha)

Base: 1 cup cold brewed coffee & 1 Cup Almond milk

Protein: 1 scoop Chocolate Truvani Protein Powder

Fat: 1-1.5 TBLS MCT or Coconut Oil

Fiber: 1-1.5 TBLS Milled Flax Seed

Greens: 1-2 Cups Spinach

Extra: 2-3 drops of Peppermint Extract (if peppermint mocha)

Add 1 cups of Ice for a thicker shake



Base: 1.5-2 Cups Nut milk

Protein: 1 scoop Vanilla Truvani Protein Powder

Fat: 1-1.5 TBLS Almond or Peanut Butter (check ingredients for peanuts only)

Fiber: 1-1.5 TBLS Chia Seeds

Greens: 1-2 Cups Spinach

Extra: 1/2 Cups Fresh or Frozen Strawberries

Add 1 cups of Ice for a thicker shake


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