Your Wedding Dress, Your Workout!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

You started your Pinterest board the minute you met your now fiancé. It was almost 2 years ago and you knew exactly what cake you wanted, what center pieces you wanted, and of course that beautiful white dress.

It’s been 2 years since you decided that was the dress for you and a lot has happened in those two years. When you go from the single life to the relationship life you begin to get more comfortable. You aren't going out as often, and you aren't as concerned with how you look as you are only concerned with what one person thinks and they have already seen you in your sweatpants. You spend the beginning of the relationship going out for dinners, and cooking delicious meals with one another. You have gotten used to being in your sweatpants together so you haven't really realized that your jeans are just a little tighter. Because it's the beginning of the relationship you still spend time getting together with friends which generally means a couple cocktails a couple times a week. You didn't notice until you started trying on dresses that the calories from some of those cocktails and buffalo wings may have stayed in specific parts of your body.

As you begin the process of trying on dresses with your besties, your mother, and your mother in law sitting in the chairs anxiously awaiting the look of each dress, you begin to realize that that perfect Pinterest dress is still beautiful, but just doesn't fit right. So do you change your mind and attempt to find a dress that does fit right with your new body, somewhere in the sea of dresses you walked through on your way to the fitting room? Will that Pinterest dress ever leave your mind, and will anything else ever really add up?

So let's take a look at that Pinterest dress. As you look back at it, what are you thinking? Are you thinking, I just need to fit in it, I better lose some weight. Maybe I should start running. I should get a gym membership so I can use the treadmill. I will go to the gym on my lunch and run.

Did you buy the gym membership? How many times have you made it there on your lunch? Do you have enough time on your lunch to drive there, change, run, shower, and drive back. Did you change to going after work because showering and getting ready again was just not doable on a lunch hour? How many times have you made it there after work? Are you being pretty consistent with your running? How do you feel?

In all honesty if you have been making it to the gym and running on a regular schedule, you probably feel pretty good physically. You may have started to lose a little weight, and your body likely already feels better from getting in more movement. You are likely being slightly more conscious about what you are eating around the time you are running so you don't feel as sick or as icky. Or are you skipping a meal so that you can work out? Are you getting light headed later on? And are you still taking in a lot of processed sugar in your diet throughout the rest of the day?

Why does that damn dress still not look right. It has to be right. I found it on Pinterest and immediately fell in love! That means this is my soul dress!

When your brain is occupied with save the dates, invites, seating charts, maxing out venues, and having enough money left for the honeymoon, it can be completely overwhelming to enter a realm of thinking that you have never had to think about before. That's why there are people like me. I am here to think about it for you. So let's chat:

You knew from day one that you were going to wear a mermaid dress! You wore one at prom and you were BANGIN.

So let's talk about that dress. Your mermaid dress will hide your legs so please stop running. What will they notice? Your ass and your tummy. Glutes, glutes, glutes. That means lunges and squats for those legs. Now when we talk about your tummy, I know you want me to tell you to start your sit up's but here's the thing. Abs are an 80/20 thing. 80% made in the kitchen and 20% made during exercise. You need to adjust your nutrition. Cut back on the beer, the sugar, and the bad carbs, and increase the protein and vegetables. Don't know what I mean by bad carbs? Get them from good clean foods and they are good clean carbs

This girl ain't no fish, get me the puffiest princess dress they have.

That Ballgown dress will also hide your legs so again stop running. Let's face it, with any long dress you aren't going to see those legs until the garter comes off. There is no tight fit when we are talking poofy, so you want to focus where the puff starts because it will ultimately be a focus point. You are going to want to think lean. Leaning out your body or more specifically your midsection will help get that belted starting point as small as possible. With this goal in mind you will still want to check in on your nutrition, but you will also want to start in on some very specific abdominal exercises because what you are going for is a V shape.

This girl ain't no fish, get me the puffiest princess dress they have.

With an A line dress you don't have much work to do on your lower body. You do however want to pay close attention to the area right below your rib cage. The very top of your torso, also known as your upper abs. For most this is not a huge problem area, however you don't want to feel like you are sucking in all night because this is the one area that you are going to feel the most, and feel like you need to suck it back.

Fitted, sheath, however you look at it, there is no corset in this one!

If this style dress is just your jam, then it's time to get to work! While you won't see those legs, you will see the definition in those quads, any extra jiggle in those hips, any extra bumps in that waist, and every curve you have. If this is your dress, your first thoughts should be tone, tone, and really tone. Don't think skinny. Skinny is a state that certain people attain because of the jeans they possess. Toned is what is going to tighten up all those curves so there is no jiggle in your dress.

The two slightly less popular of the dress styles are tea length and a mini. While not commonly worn for a wedding, it may just be your prerogative to be different, and chances are if that is you . . .you would ROCK either of these dresses!

These two dresses WILL show those legs, BUT I still don't recommend hitting up the treadmill as your main source of exercise. For a tea length dress the focus will be on your calf. Make that muscle the most defined one you have. Calf raises with weights are great. Squat hops are also a great calf burner. If you go with the mini you need to WORK those legs. You want all definition. This dress is a brave move! You don't want tiny chicken legs and you don't want anything to jiggle. You will want to work the quads, hamstrings, and the calves, and ideally you want indents without even flexing. Also with either of these dresses you will most likely want to think the same way about your midsection as the ball gown dress.

And there you have it! The majority of your dress options laid out, but something is missing. We have not even touched on the upper half of the dress!! For those of you who have started trying on dresses, you know that this is probably the most important, most concerning, most stressful part of the dress. So let's keep talking.

Throwing out the technical terms, let’s just talk basics. Before we even get to talking about upper body focus based on dress type, let's get a little perspective. On the big day you generally start with photos. These photos are, for the most part, of the front of you. These will also be HELLA edited by the photographer. Don't get me wrong, you could be a Victoria Secret model and they would still be completely edited by the photographer because that is the world we live in and you want to remember this day as being perfect. So while you want to look good head on, just remember that you have some wiggle room on those photos as that photographers job is literally to make you look good, so don't sweat it too much. They will also have plenty to choose from because you will take hundreds!

After photos you move on to the ceremony. You walk down the aisle and smile at everyone and for the next 20, 30, 60 minutes, all of your wedding guests are staring AT YOUR BACK! That's right, your back. Possibly your side as well, but mainly your back. You complete the ceremony and walk back down the aisle smiling excitedly that you are now a Mrs. and as you pass each guest, they are again staring at your back. You get to the reception and sit at the head table and every time someone clinks their glass you stand up, your groom spins you around to kiss you and they all see . . .you guested it, your back. You go up for the daddy daughter dance, your first dance, the bridal party dance, all of which you are usually facing your dance partner(s). Your guests see . . . your back. Are you beginning to see a pattern? When you decided to start a "workout" plan to get ready for your wedding, had you planned on toning up your back?

So I am pretty sure that we are clear on the fact that you will need to put some focus on your back no matter what. So let's talk about our top half!

I want a strapless dress!

Then you need bigger biceps!

That strapless dress will look beautiful, but first you need to make sure that you are working out those arms. By working on your biceps (and triceps for that matter) the focus will be taken off your armpits. That is the one place it's almost impossible not to have extra skin showing in a strapless dress.

I just really like the halter top look!

The halter style top will draw attention to your shoulders and upper arms. If you are going with this style you want to make sure that you are focusing on muscle tone and looking lean in those areas. Having definition in your triceps for this style is best as those can be focused on while you walk down the aisle AND as you stand with your back towards your friends and family at the altar. You will also want to focus on getting your upper back lean and toned as the back of the halter dress will draw attention to the middle of your upper back.

Spaghetti straps are for me. The thinner the better!

Spaghetti straps are a fading trend simply because they are very basic and wedding dresses are more and more unique and complex as time goes on. Spaghetti straps will show off your shoulders, mostly accenting the outer points of your shoulders which isn't something you can really work on. Something that you would want to focus on with spaghetti straps would be your chest. The last thing you want to experience with these straps is for them to dig into your skin by your armpits on your chest creating excess skin and fat on either side of the strap.

Single strap styling.

Ahh the ever increasing in popularity single strap dress! This dress will make your neck line and shoulder pop! So make sure you want people to see them. You want to make sure that the muscles around your neck are lean and your shoulder and upper arm have just enough tone to wow the crowd. Too much muscle in the upper arm with a dress like this can be overpowering, but just the right tone in the bicep and tricep will make it so people can't help but comment.

I live in Minnesota, it's freaking cold. Long sleeves it is!

Long sleeves on a wedding dress are generally fitted and either purely white or made up of all lace. Either way just having sleeves on your wedding day is bound to grab people's attention. The last thing you want is for those sleeves to look jiggly, overpowering, or loose. You want the tone in your arms to show through your sleeves. You want those sleeves to be fitted and flowing along the curves on your arms. You want to have a very definitive bump where your bicep is, a dip where your tricep is, as well as a beautiful sweep down your forearm to your wrist.

Lace it up the back. I want it to look as good as my laced up skates!

If you choose to have a laced up back on your dress, you don't want to look like a packaged ham. You don’t want any skin popping through those laces. You always want to make sure that the V shape of your back is exaggerated. You want lean muscles in your back if you can see through any of the laces, and you want to be smaller in the waist in order to create the V.

I have no boobs, I am taking my only advantage, the low hanging V neck.

If you decide to go with the low V neck you want to make sure that you don't have too much weight in your bust, if you catch what I'm saying. Those of us (yes US) not so gifted in the chest area have this awesome low V neck option. This creates a very sexy, flowing, simple look without showing off more than necessary because everything you have is easily covered. You do want to make sure that your chest muscles are toned and your upper most abdominals are very toned. You want to focus on keeping your chest and upper torso very lean as well. You also want exaggerated tone in your arms as this look will bring A LOT of attention to your entire upper body. It's human nature that people will start searching for a flaw because you chose a style slightly "out there".

Picking out a dress never seemed so complicated!!! WRONG! Pick out what you love, what's comfortable, and what you feel beautiful in. That dress that you tried on and walked out of the dressing room in with a strut that said "Bitch, get out the way, I'm coming down the aisle and I have arrived." The dress that all of the sudden filled you with overflowing confidence and dancing energy. That is the right dress for you! Once you have this dress, work with a fitness coach to get your body fit in the right way. Count on your coach to know how to help you get to that perfect look in that perfect dress, but understand that it doesn't come overnight. Start early, keep it simple, and know your goals! Say yes to the dress, and say Hell Yes to how you feel in it!

Ball and chain my ass, trophy wife here I come!

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